Tsudo 97-05 Subaru impreza Legacy Forester Outback 2.5RS EJ UEL Header V2

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Fits: Subaru Legacy Forester outback Impreza 1997-2005 2.5R EJ engine

Subaru is one of the best car manufacturers around, that is reflected in the craftsmanship of their Legacy, Forester, Outback and Impreza. The naturally aspirated 2.5 Liter RS EJ engine that provides the best available power in stock form. However, that doesn't mean it can't be improved. The headers of the car is where the most power can be made by a bolt-on system. The Tsudo Unequal Length Header utilizes a true 4-2-1 offering a great way to improve your performance, weight and sound. The Tsudo Unequal Length Headers uses tuned piping made of the highest quality 100% T-304 stainless steel and mandrel bent throughout. The end result is 2.25 inch diameter piping the entire way through, no bottlenecks or choke points, only free unrestricted flow heading out of the 2.5 RS EJ engine. All of this combined means: Improved horsepower, improved torque and improved throttle response for maximum gains. Many companies will skip the T-304 stainless steel or mandrel bent tuned piping, what this means is your Legacy / Forester / Outback / Impreza will have a header system that will eventually crack and corrode while causing choke points that hinder exhaust flow and your performance. For even more gains the headers offer a significant weight reduction over the stock OEM system, which improves acceleration and handling. Lastly, the Unequal Length Headers wake up the 2.5 RS engine and gives a deep exhaust note throughout the RPM range. The Headers truly wake up the Subaru and allow it to really shine in performance and sound.

  • Stainless 4-2-1 V2 Race Header Version 2 Revised with Flex Joint
  • Compatible with Stock OEM or Tsudo aftermarket Downpipe.
  • Large True 4-2-1 design increases both torque and horsepower, giving gains up to 10-15whp
  • Manufactured from T304 stainless steel for durability and high corrosion resistance.
  • Less welds and bends than the competition for less turbulence and more smooth unrestricted flow.
  • Significant weight reduction compared to OEM exhaust system.
  • Utilizes factory 02 sensor position