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The Acura TL and TL Type-S is a high quality luxury car, so give it high quality parts. One of the key components that can and should be upgraded is replacing the restrictive OEM exhaust with a free flowing larger diameter exhaust system. This lets your Acura TL and Type-S to breathe better and allows a high flow design to get the most out of the 3.5 liters under the hood. A non-restrictive, high flowing exhaust is vital to the engine and the addition of the system will add horsepower, torque, and throttle response. The highlights of a free flowing exhaust do not stop at power, our systems are desgined to look good with the body lines of the car to add a subtle but noticably classy and refined touch. That subtle classiness changes to an aggresive warning to others when you turn the key and hear the deep growl of the engine come to life. Not unobtrusively loud and annoying, it is refined like the rest of the car, with an aggressively deep growl. Let your foot down and hear the engine come to life with a deep roar through the rpms showing it is more than just a pretty face.

Here at SE Motors, we have several different choices amongst two brands available to best suit what you want, and what your car needs. The two brands we carry for the Acura TL and Acura TL Type-S are Megan Racing and Tsudo Performance. The options for exhaust range on what you are looking for; we have axleback, catback and the Tsudo Acura Catless J-Pipe. The last being the best bang for the buck, giving you the most difference in horse power, torque and throttle response.. In addition we have combo kits available to get both the Tsudo Dual Cat-back Exhaust and the Tsudo Catless J-pipe, making your exhaust upgrade complete with just one purchase. We offer the best prices on high quality products along with free shipping to the first 48 states. Tsudo products have a 1 year limited warranty.
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