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SE 09-13 Toyota Corolla JDM Window Visors w/ Brackets

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Now: $30.00
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Window Visor


Fits: 2009-2013 Toyota Corolla

  • Durable polycarbonate material resists fading or becoming brittle
  • No drilling or any modifications required to install
  • Transparent smoked tint does not block driver's view
  • Clips onto door at multiple points for reliable mounting
  • Genuine 3M automotive-grade adhesive creates a reliable seal
  • Exceeds OEM quality fitment, attachment, and finish
  • Keeps rain and snow out and reduces wind noise with the window open
  • Includes step-by-step instructions for easy installation
  • Covered by 60-Day Speed-Element Motorsports warranty
  • Includes a complete set of four (4) visors

Why are SE Premium visors better?

  • Mounting Hardware
    • All SE premium visors include metal retaining clips and genuine 3M automotive-grade adhesive for long-lasting reliability. The retaining clips apply constant pressure on the adhesive to prevent the visor from lifting or sagging. Other visors, including OEM visors, rely solely on the adhesive to attach the visor to the door, which are more likely to loosen and detach over time.
  • Fit and Finish
    • SE premium visors are injection-molded out of polycarbonate to OEM tolerances and follow the curvature of the door perfectly. No trimsming or modification is required for installation.
  • Aerodynamic
    • Designed for both form and function, SE premium visors aerodynamically mount with a flush look to the vehicle and do not have a pronounced outward flare like other visors.
  • Semi-transparent
    • SE premium visors are lightly smoke tinted to shade from glaring sunlight without completely blocking driver visibility.
  • Sturdy construction
    • SE premium visors are manufactured from rigid, high quality polycarbonate for long term durability and reliability. Many low end visors use flexible, rubbery plastic to make up for poor fitment and quality.