Megan Racing Subaru Impreza GC/GD Rear Rear Lateral Arms Suspension

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Fits: Subaru Impreza GC/GD Rear Rear Lateral Arms

The Subaru Impreza has always been a machine with incredible potential; whether on a formal race track, on a rally course or up in the mountains it has always dominated with it s perfect balance of power and handling.

Although the Impreza is impressive off the showroom floor, it still had to be refined for everyday use. It left something to be desired for those who demand more from our vehicles.

Megan Racing has now developed adjustable control arms for the Subaru crowd that will help attain a higher level of control and performance. Constructed of a High-Strengh Steel Alloy, these control arms remain light weight while being able to take the punishment of competition and extreme conditions. With Anti-Dust Pillowball ends and a 3-Stage powdercoating process the control arms will easily combat the elements for years of performance.

Going one step beyond, Megan Racing has added the ability to adjust the length of the arms from a central-located turnbuckle which allows for easy access to simplify the alignment and adjustment process.

  • Rear Lateral Arms for Rear Suspension.
  • Adjustable length for Toe adjustment.
  • Steel construction with Durable 3-Stage Powdercoating.
  • Anti-Dust Pillowball ends for a Direct Feel.
  • Adjustable Stabilizer End Links Included.

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