DX4 16x8.5 Type 7S 6x5.5 6-139.7mm matte machined black 4x4 wheels

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SKU: X168503-6108BFM

Perfect for use off-road as well as on the street, DX4 7S wheels are rugged, wheels that are stylish wheels that are built to perform in difficult conditions. These durable wheels add a touch of class to a wide range of vehicles including trucks, jeeps and other off-road 4×4’s. Every DX4 7S rims are built to exceed 2200 lbs loading capacity for safety and quality standards. All DX4 7S wheels are fully TPMS compatible and have a one-piece aluminum construction, which makes DX4 wheels much lighter and stronger than many other wheels in the market.

Note: Please be sure to verify the wheel style, size, lug pattern, offset, and color are correct before placing your order. Quantity of One wheel only, Requires (4) wheels to complete a set. wheels included. Does not include lug nuts, tires, or valve stems

DX4 S7
16"x8.5" /24lbs
Bolt Pattern:
6x5.5 (6x139.7)
Lip depth/Back spacing:
1.2" /4.5"
Machined Face
Center Bore:
Wheel Type:
DX4 Wheels