Sponsorship With SEMotors

SEMotors Sponsorship FAQs

Do we Sponsor?

Yes, SEMotors is proud of our Tsudo Brand products that we carry. We offer a partial sponsorship up to $100. We want to advertise the quality of our products and one of the best ways to do so is through word of mouth.

How it works?

Our sponsorship program works in a very simple way. When a customer purchases our product and wishes to be sponsored they follow a few simple requirements (Which will be discussed below). Once we see that those requirements are met, we will reimburse a certain amount. The amount will vary depending on the cost of the product and how in demand the need is for exposure of that product.


To obtain the sponsorship we have a few simple requirements. In the end it comes down to exposure of the product. Review of the product on a Forum or Group Page that includes: pictures, dyno sheets, sound clips, videos and (if possible) installation. Not all of those are required in the review, but more is always encouraged. Other ways to promote on these pages are links of the product on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube or other social media site to overall promote our company.

It is also essential to include links to our website and our name in the reviews. Once these are done, email the links to the review to us for us to evaluate and review.

Contact Us

To contact us regarding sponsorship, send an e-mail to [email protected]