Skunk2 D-Series D15 D16 Tuner Stage 4 Camshaft - D VTEC

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Skunk2 Racing's Tuner Stage 4 Camshaft is designed as a performance upgrade to highly modified vehicles running the D15/ D16 VTEC engines. The Stage 4 camshaft will outperform all other Skunk2 Tuner offerings from idle to redline with no loss in drivability. A great match for max effort NA and Turbo engine builds. Tuner Stage 4's require a simple valve spring and retainer upgrade due to the additional lift, duration and increased RPM range. 

Our Tuner Stage 4's incorporate Skunk2 Racing's cutting-edge Fast Ramp and AMAX features, which are responsible for increasing overall performance, producing unmatched response from idle to redline. You can expect optimized mid-range and top-end horsepower/torque with peak power moved up the RPM band, producing a seamless VTEC crossover!

Fast Ramp - The same technology used in Formula One racing, where seat timing is reduced, which results in additional cylinder pressure and more torque but without compromising valve-train longevity.

AMAX - A Skunk2 design that simply maximizes the area under the lift curve but without compromising reliability or valve-train stability. Skunk2’s profiles feature more duration than competitors’ at lifts above 1mm, resulting in greater efficiency and more power.


  • 1988 - 2000 Honda Civic (CX, DX, EX, GX, HX, LX, Si)
  • 1988 - 1991 Honda CRX (Base, HF, Si)
  • 1993 - 1997 Honda Civic del Sol (S, Si)



  • Intake - Lift: 12.09mm/ Duration: 254°
  • Exhaust - Lift: 11.68mm/ Duration: 254°
  • Valve Clearance - Intake: 0.008” / Exhaust: 0.010”


**Skunk2 Adjustable Cam Gear Required for fine tuning