F2 Function Form BMW 3 Series E90/E92 06-12 Type 2 Coilovers Kit F2-E90/E92

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SKU: F2-E90/E92

Fits: BMW 3 Series E90/E92 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012

Function & Form Coilovers Adjustable Lowering Kit Designed For Durability, Comfort, Superior Handling. All Type Two Suspension Comes Standard 32 Levels Adjustment Dampening, and Constructed From Double Wishbone Piston Mono-Tube Shocks For Better Heat Dissipation, With A Slightly More Aggressive Spring Rates Than Type-1, Some Application Includes Top Mount Adjustable Camber Plates. Function & Form Type-2 Is The Versatility Suspensions Prefect For Daily Driven And Race Track Ready.

Type-2 Kit Futures:

  • 32 Level Dampening Adjustments
  • Steel Collars and Spring Perches for High Durability and Hardness
  • Ride Height Adjustable Separate Of Pre-Load.
  • Special Oil Lubrication Can Withstand Heat Up To 200°C.
  • Dual Tube Shock Design For Maximum Ride Comfort.
  • Steel Lower Mounts For Maximum Strength.
  • Two Year Limited Function And Form Autolife Inc.
Type two Coilovers
F2 Function & Form